YAKUP BAROUH| Master of Arts (M.A)


Birth Date February 07, 1945
Address Piyalepaşa Bul. Kastel İş Mer.
D Blok K:5 34440 Piyalepaşa - İSTANBUL / TURKEY
Phone (Pbx) 0212 254 98 60


Yakup Barouh Graduated from Saint Joseph High School in 1961, Yakup Barouh received education in “Marketing and Business Administration” at Istanbul Robert College. In 1968, he received a M.A. degree in Advertising again at Istanbul Robert College, and wrote a thesis on advertising for the first time in Turkey’s advertising history.

In 1967, he established Büro Pars Research Company (later changed its name as Mc Cann Ericson) with his colleagues and conducted Reader Studies for the daily Hürriyet and “Hürriyet Advertising Seminars”, both launched by the daily for the first time in its history.

In 1971, Barouh shifted his focus from Research and Marketing to “Creative Advertising”, which marked a true milestone in his professional life, and joined an advertising agency as partner, which agency was founded in 1909 as the first of its kind in Turkey.

Appointed as Turkey Representative for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council by the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and holding that position between 1985 and 2004, Barouh worked to support the development of trade relations and cooperation between Hong Kong and Turkey.

Being one of the first members of the IAA International Advertising Association (admitted to membership in 1990), Barouh became a member of the Advertising Association of Turkey in 1984 and also held a seat on the Board of Management of the Association between 1997 and 2004.

Being a member of the Advertising Self-regulation Board (as representative of the Advertising Association of Turkey) since its formation in 1999, Barouh gave lectures on advertising together with Prof. Mustafa Dilber at Boğaziçi University and wrote articles for Sabah Business Magazine for more than 4 years. Barouh has been giving lectures on Brand Management at Yeditepe University since 2012. He also provides expert witness opinions for courts considering advertising disputes.

Having authored a book, titled “DAHA DÜN GİBİ” (translates roughly to “Fresh Memories”), Yakup Barouh is often invited to speak at conferences on Turkish advertising history in an effort to shed light on the industry’s history.

Representing İlancılık Advertising Agency at TAAN Worldwide (global network) Network, Yakup Barouh continues to improve communication with the advertising industry in the rest of the world to upgrade his agency in Turkey.

Barouh is married with a daughter, a son and four grandchildren and speaks English, French and Spanish. He is happy that he has helped his son become a creative advertising professional chasing his father’s ambitions.


Yakup Barouh 1. Full Name: Yakup Barouh
2. Date of Birth: 07.02.1945
3. University Degree: Master of Arts (M.A)
4. Educational Background:
B.A. (1967): İş İdaresi Pazarlama, İstanbul Robert Kolej Yüksek Okulu
M.A. (1968): İş İdaresi Reklamcılık, İstanbul Robert Kolej Yüksek Okulu
5. M.A. Theses
Agency Structure in Advertising Industry in Turkey
6. Published Works
• DAHA DÜN GİBİ (Advertising in Turkey) Published in 2000 – Gözlem Bookshop
• TAAN TRANSWORLD ADVERTISING AGENCY NETWORK (Presentations) 2000-2002-2003-2006--2009-2010.
• 2000 to 2001: Together with other members of the Advertising Association, spoke at Brand Management conferences, hosted by Chambers of Commerce in 7 cities (Gaziantep – Eskişehir – Antalya –Kayseri – Çanakkale – Bursa – Afyon)

Wrote articles on advertising for Sabah Business Magazine for 4 years.

• Capital Magazine 12.1994
• Ekonomist Magazine 06.1997
• Intermedia Magazine 02.1999
• Ekonomist Magazine 03.2001
• Para Magazine 12.2001
• Capital Magazine 01.2004
• Nokta Magazine 06.2005
• KobiEfor Magazine 08.2005
• Platin Magazine 03.2006
• Photoshop Magazine 07.2006
• Fortune Magazine 12.2009
• Marketing Türkiye Magazine 07.2012
• Dünya Magazine 1995
• Daily Yeni Yüzyıl 02.1999
• Daily Hürriyet 06.2000
• Daily Türkiye 04.2003
• Daily Dünya 11.2004
• Daily Sabah 06.2005
• Daily Referans 01-2008
• Daily Hürriyet 08.2009

7. Projects
• Workshop: Multiculturalism & Conservation of Heritage at the Istanbul International Forum. Tuygar 12.2007
8. Executive-level Positions Held
• Turkey Representative of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council – 1985 to 2004
• Member of Management Board, Advertising Association (4 years)
9. Membership with Scientific and Professional Organizations
• IAA – TAAN – Advertising Association – Advertising Self-regulation Board
10. Awards
• KRISTAL ELMA (Crystal Apple) Awards




You should become a brand name, too.
Advertising agencies and advertising customers dedicate their lives to making their products a brand name or upgrading their brand names. Because becoming a brand name means building an emotional bond with the target audience and also becoming a trusted and indispensable company for your customers... and, of course, deserving to be a relatively more expensive brand.
Then, have you ever reflected on the ways of making yourself a brand name and on the benefits of becoming a brand name?

How to become a brand name?
If you are a marketing communications specialist, then you are already familiar with the rules and ways of making a product or service a brand name. The only thing you need to do is to do for yourself the same things you have done to make your product or service a brand name.
So, let’s see what we need to do.
Carry out a SWOT analysis in an effort to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats.
Describe the profile of your target audience – Your target audience includes your employer, directors, colleagues and/or customers. Analyse their needs and expectations.
Set out your strategies – This phase of the process is critical, regardless of whether your target is very big or small. If you fail to clearly describe the target you wish to reach, then you will probably stumble along the road.
Create a visual and verbal identity for yourself – Both your outlook and speech should have a style. This will help you seem both consistent and trustworthy.
Maintain communication – People forget things easily. Try to socialise with the members of your target audience - in both real and virtual environments - as much as you can so as not to lose your bond with them.
And most important of all, believe and trust in yourself and your quality. Otherwise, there is no way you can compete in the “market”.

What benefits would becoming a brand name offer you?
You can easily forecast the benefits of making yourself a brand name by looking at the advantages of other branded products.
In fact, we have given some clues in this regard earlier in this article: Becoming a brand name means building an emotional bond with the target audience and also becoming a trusted and indispensable company for your customers... and, of course, deserving to be a relatively more expensive brand.


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